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"Castle not when you can,

castle when you must" 


Welcome To Baltimore Chess Academy

Baltimore Chess Academy is your best choice for quality chess lessons/instruction based on the unique individual characteristics of every student. BCA, invites eager students of all ages and levels to come, and start learning chess, or to continue improve their skills. 

The charge for chess training is at an introductory rate of $25 . The first month's lessons are always in person for all four lessons. On the second month the rate is $30/ per month you can get  some of them online if you want. Lessons are normally held at a convenient public location in Carney/Parkville. If you want in home instruction that will require an additional charge if the location is a good distance from my house.  Lessons are scheduled in advance for your convenience. I call or send a email the day before the class. I need 24 hours notice on email and/or text in case of a cancellation. 

Homework is assigned but of course it is optional, It does help me to assess what needs to be taught. A part of your homework is to play games online so I can look at them and use these in your lessons.

Students will be prepared to participate in various chess activities such as kids and adult chess tournaments, online play, chess with friends, summer chess camps, and scholastic tournaments. 


Why Choose Baltimore Chess Academy

The Baltimore Chess Academy provides quality private instruction to students. The goal of BCA is not only to teach their students to play chess but through the skills learned from chess playing to recognize beauty,  intellect,  and to obtain a mastery and confidence in themselves.   BCA bases the teaching process strictly on individual needs. Every student is being provided with a different type and/or style of instruction according to their age, character, interests, and knowledge base. 

BCA provides a solid foundation in chess openings, middlegames, endgames, tactics, and positional technique so that students are empowered to explore further without a coach in the future. Igniting the imagination of students, and providing them with the tools to realize their highest potential is the basis of our teaching process which is absolutely different with each student because we are all unique. Here at the Baltimore Chess Academy we are always looking for new ways of capturing the attention of our students.

BCA makes the learning process an interesting and enjoyable experience for both student and teacher. It provides a friendly and comfortable atmosphere where teacher and student alike are partners in the learning process. Together they make Chess come alive from the games of masters and competitors and find the best and easiest way to do so.

Contact Us -  The best way to contact is by the email:

Baltimore Chess Academy

Location: Parkville, MD 21234

contact via email at:

Text or Phone: 1-410-493-0172

or fill out the registration form on the registration form page 

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